Emilie Proulx is a Montreal based singer-songwriter and multi-instrumentist.

Truly more on the fringes than at the centre of the french music scene in Quebec, her music blends the simplicity of folk and sadcore, reflective and introspective lyrics and dreamy atmospheres… The result : slow, thoughtful & poetic songs evoking Neil Young, Joni Mitchell and Neil Halstead.

She released a first EP in 2007 : Dans une ville, endormie, a full-lenght album in 2009 : La lenteur alentour, followed by another EP in 2011 : Montagnes russes, mini-tsunamis.

She also writes songs and plays bass in other projects on a regular basis (Willows, Catherine Leduc, Maude Audet, etc).

Find the albums on Bandcamp or iTunes.

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